Andreas Olszewski - Vita

1993-2000 Music school Salzburg
  Drums and Percussion (1993-2000): Exams 1997 and 1999 with distinction  
  Composition (1997-2000)  
1996-2000 FH MultiMediaArt Salzburg
  Major: Audiovisual Engineering  
  Degree in June 2000  
Summer 1998 Radio Untersberg Freilassing
Reports, Editing  
1999 Theatre production "Uptodate" Salzburg
Music and Sounds
(Composition and Production)
Uptodate Title graphic
2000-2002 e-media (Computermagazine) Vienna
Editorial department for PC Hardware and Software  
Since 2002 Vienna Symphonic Library Vienna
Recording, Support, Notation  
VSL - Symphonic Cube
2004-2010 Privatuniversität Konservatorium Wien Vienna
  Studies in Composition with Christian Minkowitsch  
  Master of Arts degree with distinction in Oct. 2010  
Bachelor degree
Since 2009 Arranger and producer Vienna, Cologne, Boston, Taipei
  Notation; Orchestral arrangements with the sounds of the Vienna Symphonic Library; Production and mix  
  Example: Projekt Rach3  
May 2012 Kammeroper Wien Vienna
  Live Electronics musician for Anne LeBaron's opera SUCKTION