Rapsodia errutiva (1999)
for piano and violin

Uptodate - Soundtrack (1999)
Music for the theatre play for various instruments and sometimes vocals

Penne all'arrabiata, piccante (2005)
for flute, cello, piano and live-electronics

Cyclones (2005)
for five percussionists
Cyclones - Score (excerpt)

Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall (2006)
for piano, synthesizer and live-electronics

Aquädukt (2006)
for flute, clarinet, bassoon, percussion, viola and doublebass

Aquae ductus (2006)
for flute, oboe, clarinet, bariton-saxophone, bassoon, timpani, percussion, violin, viola and doublebass
Aquae ductus - Score (excerpt)

Clarinetronics (2007)
for clarinet und live-electronics

Klangkleckse 1-2 (2007)
for piano

Morsecode (2008)
for piano

1. Saxophony (2008)
for saxophone quartet and percussion
1. Saxophony - Score (excerpt)

All in 1 (2009)
for drum setup

Blizzard (2009)
for five percussionists and live-electronics

Ein Käfig voller schräger Vögel (2009)
New pieces for flute for young people and those young at heart

Elements (2009)
Short pieces for the Vienna Symphonic Library Elements instruments

In vino sonitus (2009)
for marimba, woodblocks and playback

In percussu sonitus (2010)
for four percussionists

Code Crimson (2010)
for electric band (2 electric guitars, bass guitar, keyboard und E-Drums)

Full Circle (2010)
for virtual orchestra. (The score and an mp3 are available here.)

Pulses (2011)
for wooden quartet (flute, clarinet, bassoon, marimba)

Solar Flares (2011)
for 12 percussionists

Der Russbach (2013)
Music for a photo show

Carrot and stick (2014)
for Chapman stick

Klangkleckse 3 (2014)
for piano (four hands)

Into a new dimension (2014)
for 24 Strings. (A demo made with VSL is available here.)

Im Atelier (2015)
Music for the silent movie fragment

Out of the ambush (2015)
for twelve brass players and two percussionists. (A demo made with VSL is available here.)

The Army of Zombies (2018)
Demo for Vienna Smart Orchestra